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  • bobconrich
    Feb 12, 2011
      Shipping News
      7th February 2011
      Tristan Times
      By Sarah Glass

      The M.V. Edinburgh arrived at Tristan on the 5th February, her intended fishing trip, was turned into a cargo trip when there was a dispute with the crew in Cape Town prior to sailing. The vessel unloaded the islands cargo (and late Christmas mail) before departing for Cape Town via Gough Island to collect a field worker.

      This has now changed the shipping schedules, she will now depart Cape Town again for Tristan on or around the 1st March for a 65 day fishing trip, and will hopefully complete all the remaining quotas at the Tristan group. The vessel also brought a number of contractors (Sea & Shore SA) to work on the harbor project.

      The Baltic trader although departing Cape Town two days earlier than the Edinburgh arrived on the same day 5th February. The vessel is carrying approximately 1700mt of equipment and materials for the repairs/work on the harbor project. She also carried a number of contract workers. It is hoped that the vessel will be discharged in around two weeks, depending on weather and harbour conditions.

      On the 1st February there was much excitement in the community when they heard that the QM 2 was making an unexpected visit to Tristan and that she was coming in close enough to let her passengers take photos of Tristan’s only settlement (Edinburgh of the Seven Seas). The RMS St Helena was anchored off Tristan at the time and the Governor of St Helena (also the Governor for Tristan) was ashore on Tristan at the time. In fact he had just finish a walk (2000ft) to the 1st base at Burnt Wood.

      The Fishery Patrol boat was launched and met with the QM 2 five miles west of Tristan, where a number of photos were taken. When the QM 2 past the settlement she slowed to six knots and allowed the Fishery Patrol boat to come along side and made an exchange of gifts. It is hoped that in the future she will make a stop at Tristan to allow her passengers ashore, or the Tourist and Post Office employees onboard.

      This may also be the first time that the smallest Royal Mail ship (RMS St Helena) and the largest (QM 2) have been photograph together and what a place to have met, at the Remotest inhabited Island in the World.

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