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2089Management and control of the Tristan da Cunha Group on Yahoo

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  • Bob Conrich
    Oct 31, 2010
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      Dear Alexander,

      I write to you as owner and moderator of the Tristan/Yahoo Group.

      I am copying this to some 130 group members who have posted or
      contacted me over the past eight years. They are being blind
      copied to prevent spammers from getting their addresses, and
      they may be assured that no one but me has or will have this list
      and I am unlikely to use it ever again.

      Over the eight years in which I've been a member of the Group I've
      seen some serious changes. What used to be an interesting group
      of people and some friendly discussions (and even a bit of
      controversy occasionally) seems to have deteriorated into a rather
      dry posting of a series of "announcements."

      About a dozen people have written to me privately, complaining
      that their attempts to communicate with the group have been
      discarded, often without explanation or even notice. This tight
      control arises from your choice of moderating and approving each
      message before it is posted. The result is an academic and very
      orderly group that I'm certain appeals to some, but which I find
      rather boring. Having personally contributed about 58% of these
      messages, I'm finding it increasingly unsatisfying. I don't wish
      to continue doing so in a group where everyone is subject to

      I recognise that unmoderated groups, like democracies, can be
      disorderly. Freedom has its price. Unless there are changes, I
      regret that this is goodbye and thank you.


      Robert S. Conrich, ACIArb
      Box 666
      Anguilla bob@...
      British West Indies Tel: 1 264 497 2505
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