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1854Stormy Weather

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  • Bob Conrich
    Jul 4, 2008
      This report is from this morning's edition of the St. Helena Independent.

      During the night of Saturday, 28th June,
      Tristan saw one of the biggest storms,
      if not the biggest, since the May 2001
      hurricane. The weather deteriorated
      steadily throughout Saturday afternoon
      and by the evening the south-easterly
      wind was blowing at over 60 miles per
      hour with gusts at over 80 miles per
      hour. It eased down after midnight and
      by Sunday afternoon there was calm
      again. And on Sunday, 29th, at first light,
      the Administrator, David Morley, drove
      around the settlement on a damage
      assessment. David thought the community
      was lucky as no one was hurt, a
      few roofs were damaged, including the
      residency and some windows were broken.
      The PWD storage warehouse had
      rather more daylight than before and
      there was minor damage to houses and
      Government buildings, but nothing too
      serious although plenty of work to do to
      put things right. The most striking result
      of the storm was the relocation of
      an empty sea freight container, blown
      over a wall into a field some twenty
      metres from its original location.