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1824Harbour Work Completed

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  • Bob Conrich
    Apr 2, 2008
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      After thirty days of hard work, today the Royal Engineers Task Force
      will depart Tristan da Cunha aboard the RFA Lyme Bay, leaving Tristan
      da Cunha's population with a smart, refurbished harbour to face the
      winter storms and also fond memories of their welcome guests.

      --Radio Saint FM
      28 March 2008

      And a further comment on All Fool's Day:

      It has also been confirmed that the RFA Lyme Bay will be visiting St
      Helena on her way back to UK from repairing the wharf at Tristan da
      Cunha. She is due to call on 14th April with only crew members
      onboard. The Royal Engineers working on Tristan da Cunha will be
      flown home to UK from Cape Town.