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1751[TdC] Virus outbreak

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  • Simon Pipe
    Dec 4, 2007


      Britons living in what has been described as the remotest community in the world are seeking help after the outbreak of an acute virus. Many of the 271 British citizens living on the volcanic island of Tristan da Cunha, in the south Atlantic, have developed severe breathing problems. Rosemary Glass, who lives on Tristan Da Cunha, told BBC Radio Cornwall what was happening:

      "It's a very bad virus going around that's making people chesty-like, and it's hard for them to breathe, especially the older people and the younger children, and a few of the older people are in hospital but I think they've run out of medication for, you know, to help them, like oxygen and nebulisers and inhalers and such things like that."


      Mrs Glass said that facilities on Tristan da Cunha were very limited for treating such a widespread outbreak:

      "At the moment there are three (patients) in hospital and our hospital is not (an) enormous hospital, because sometimes it may be two or three years before you ever get a patient in, and so there's only about four beds, so if they're all taken the other ones have to stay in bed at home."


      You might also be interested in a report on asthma among Tristanians:





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