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1522Fishing Piracy Report

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  • Bob Conrich
    May 1, 2006
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      This report, published this morning by Greenpeace, doesn't
      mention Tristan, but describes well the problem that they
      face with pirate fishing boats, especially south of Gough
      Island. This effects not only fish but albatrosses, etc.

      Arresting such people could be extremely lucrative for
      Tristan. In addition to fines, both the boats and the
      catches could be confiscated and sold, with all proceeds
      going to the island treasury.

      Obtaining the equipment and operating funds would require
      development assistance, but seems to me to be a better use
      for foreign aid than we sometimes see. If DFID won't give
      Tristan funding to build the harbour they so badly need,
      why not give them the means to earn the money themselves?

      A similar situation exists in St. Helena and Ascension.


      Robert S. Conrich, ACIArb
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