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  • mrftbred@aol.com
    May 4, 2001
      I was sad to see the correspondence regarding the photos. Of course
      Peter and John are correct when they say the photos should not have
      been posted without permission or at least a credit. However it was
      good to see someone doing something with this forum and adding
      something to our 'files'. Would it be possible to start again and for
      John to give his permission to restore the pictures so that we could
      all share them, they were very good and I had seen most of them

      I was pleased to meet you, John, and so many others at the TdC
      meeting in England in April. I hope we can keep in contact. It is a
      very good interest to have in the island and I am sorry to see people
      having negative reactions such as this dialogue we have seen today.

      Lets try to keep this a friendly forum.
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