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148AW: [TdC] Photos

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  • Peter Hauptmanns
    May 4, 2001

      > there are now 25 photos and maps of Tristan da Cunha, including one
      > photo of Nightingale and a beautiful sunset. If you want to see them,
      > just go to the files of our group's homepage. I will not resond to any
      > questions, becauce if you were able to become a member of this group,
      > you should be able to find our files. Also, I ask you to send any
      > comments to the whole group and not to my private e-mail account.

      If you put anything anywhere for anyone to see, it would IMO be part of
      proper netiquette to be prepared for questions. "I will not respond to any
      questions" is IMO not a proper behaviour for a mailing-list.

      Maybe you simply cannot answer any questions concerning the photos, because
      you did not take them? You can find most of the pics (taken by John Ekwall
      or friends) easier and faster via www.sthelena.se.

      I know that copying is quite usual in the WWW, but at least a source should
      always be given. I am sure that, as a student at Uni Tuebingen, citing
      correctly (= declaring sources) was one of the first things you learned...

      Greetings - Peter
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