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13[TdC] "Islands" article..

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  • James
    Jan 29, 2000
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      Is this group still operating? If so, the members might find interesting a feature on Tristan that appears in the March, 2000 issue of "Islands" Magazine.The article was written by Ted Botha and either I don't understand writing or I don't understand human nature. Several quotes from the article:(Refering to the islanders) "Their reaction (to my visit) - or rather, their lack of it- is what strikes me most. The attitude could be reserve, but it resembles disinterest, too"."Visitors are tolerated rather than welcomed"."Finally we weigh anchor and sail, leaving the birds and the inhabitants of Tristan the way they have got used to being. Alone."I wonder if Tristan people are really unfriendly or whether these observations were isolated to the chemistry of one writer.Any comments?