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1161Rams are Cheaper than Importing Seamen

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  • Bob Conrich
    Apr 7, 2005
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      Falkland Islands News Network
      April 6, 2005
      by J. Brock (FINN)

      MV Marianne Danica is due to leave Punta Arenas on 6th April and is due in Stanley on 8th April Weather permitting. She will
      discharge the cargo from Punta Arenas and then load wool and meat for the UK together with a consignment of Rams for Tristan
      Da Cunha. She will call in Tristan in order to discharge the Rams and pick up a launch for return to the UK.

      By J. Brock (SARTMA-TdC)

      Four Corriedale Rams have been purchased at the National Stud Flock sale at Goose Green for Tristan Da Cunha. At present,
      Tristan da Cunha has sheep imported from South Africa after the 2001 hurricane. They are a mix of Scottish Black Face and
      Cheviot breeds. The Corriedale Rams are expected to result in a breed with finer, whiter wool and better meat quality.

      Corriedale sheep have 25 to 27 micron wool, while the Cheviot and Black Faced Scottish sheep have 30micron wool. The
      progeny should yield 27 micron or better.

      Rams were chosen rather than importing seamen or embryos. ET and AI treatments can cost as much as £1700.00 per sheep,
      while the 4 Corriedale rams cost £1,000.00.

      The sheep will be transported to Tristan aboard the FIC* Charter Ship, Marian Danika on 10 April and should arrive in
      Tristan around the 20th of April.

      *Falkland Islands Company