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116NEW Member/NEUES MITGLIED - Familienbuch/Family Book

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  • Bombilla@freenet.de
    Jan 7, 2001
      Hi friends,

      arrived here via St Helena Institute.
      Very interesting to read about all the people who got ancestors on
      I've just finished a book which covers all families who ever settled
      on the island (nobody is perfect and no research is complete).

      It contains 260 A 4 pages, hard cover, with dates of birth, death,
      marriage, children and their data, details on some people, 300
      quotations from various sources connected to certain people or
      Tristan in general.

      Anybody (especially from the German speaking community) may contact
      me if infos are required on Tristan, St Helena or the Falklands.



      Manfred Rippich
      Koerner-Str 5 a
      D-04758 Oschatz
      Tel/Fax: +49 3435 927 514

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