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Re: Checking in please respond

Anyone out there? What time is the folk singing session at the Grind place? c
Aug 26, 2014

Checking in please respond

Hi everyone, I'd like to check in to see if anyone is interested in taking over this group. Or if there is still a drop-in group meeting any longer. If you are
Jo Ebling
Nov 12, 2012

Another Acoustic gathering

For those of you who might want yet another place to go play, there is a group, from meetup.com: "Triangle Acoustic Music Cooperative". They just met at Loco
Pete Lunt
Dec 10, 2011

Re: Wednesday night gatherings

Just wanted all to know that I will be able to be at Loco Lu's this coming Wednesday, the 14th. (I am working on Tuesday night). If anyone wants to come and
Dec 9, 2011

Wednesday gatherings

To contact Lu, please see his web page www.locolu.com. Pete
Peter Lunt
Dec 9, 2011

Wednesday night gatherings

Hi folks, Something has come up and I will no longer be able to host/attend the Wednesday night sessions I started. If someone else wishes to take them over,
Pete Lunt
Dec 9, 2011

Wednesday night gatherings

Good day, We're still jamming at Loco Lu's (http://www.locolu.com/_index.php) on Wednesday evenings. 7-9, and we welcome you to join us if you miss a Tuesday
Pete Lunt
Nov 26, 2011

Wednesday gatherings of TRFolkSing

G'day everyone, We won't meet next Wednesday, as it is the book club's day. But we are planning on meeting the Wednesday night eve of Thanksgiving, so if you
Pete Lunt
Nov 13, 2011

Re: Old listing for group gatherings

One issue we still have though, we can't do it on the third Wednesday's as Lu has a book club that night. So we won't be meeting on the 16th. Unless it has
Pete Lunt
Nov 8, 2011

Re: Old listing for group gatherings

Hi Pete, I plan on coming tomorrow. John Bolling was going to come (bass player from Rocky Mount) but he wrote and told me he can't make it. He does want to
Nov 8, 2011

Old listing for group gatherings

FYI, the PineCone newsletter lists the group meeting at Book's A Million still, if someone wants to fix it. Pete
Pete Lunt
Nov 7, 2011

Wednesday gatherings

Good day, Due to a conflict on the third Wednesdays of the month (with a book club), Lou has now asked us to skip that night please. So there will not be a
Pete Lunt
Oct 13, 2011

Possible Venue for Wake Forest Art After Hours Program

Triangle Folk Singers: Here is an opportunity to gather and play for a community event in Wake Forest. On Friday, October 14 from 6-9 PM the "Art After
James Haag
Oct 1, 2011

Another group sing

Good day, I have scheduled an additional venue for a folk (folk-rock, light rock) singing group. No change to the existing group meeting, on Tuesday's, at
Pete Lunt
Sep 26, 2011

Re: Place to play

Thanks for the kind words, Don, and for divining my true meaning. You nailed it.And thanks also for your 100 list, which I am still enjoying. Reminds me of
Chuck Sumner
Sep 9, 2011
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