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Trendy Used Laptops

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Apr 20, 2008

Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Hi, A nearby neighborhood is having a neighborhood watch meeting and I was asked to spread the word on the Tree Streets. Here it is: Date: March 27th,
Mar 16, 2008

interim board of directors

Hi, At our last meeting, we decided that we should have a board of directors so that we will be able to do some minimal fundraising in order to pay for the
Feb 4, 2008

Friday, February 1

Hi, It looks like Friday, February 1st, is the day that works best. If you all don't object, we can just meet an my home (1920 Maple Street) at 7 o'clock. I
Jan 26, 2008

Re: Next Meeting

Friday, Feb. 1 works for us. Evan & Kara Hope On Mon , 'greg' sent: Hi, I am thinking that we can meet at one of 3 times depending on what everyone prefers.
Evan Hope - Delhi Township Clerk
Jan 24, 2008

Re: Next Meeting

Brad and I could meet on Friday. Jaclyn ... Kids
Jaclyn Barcroft
Jan 24, 2008

Re: Next Meeting

Chris and I can't meet on Thurs. but we could do Fri. or Sat.
Amy Lynn Dennis
Jan 23, 2008

Next Meeting

Hi, I am thinking that we can meet at one of 3 times depending on what everyone prefers. Either Thursday (01.31) at 7pm, Friday (02.01) at 7, or Saturday
Jan 21, 2008

Re: holding pattern

Has there been any decision on when to meet again?
Jaclyn Barcroft
Jan 20, 2008

Re: holding pattern

Mid to late January sounds good to meet up. I like the suggestions of the Elementary school or the DDA office. Count us in as schedules permit. I would like
Jaclyn Barcroft
Jan 2, 2008

Re: holding pattern

I think that it is a good idea to form a board. That would allow us to form a nonprofit and solicit funds to pay for things like the newsletter, cookout, etc.
Evan and Kara Hope
Dec 27, 2007

holding pattern

Hi All, It seems that our association has lost some momentum. Perhaps we should meet within the next month to discuss our future. I loved the newsletter and
Dec 27, 2007

Re: Dec. newsletter

Hello, I would like to write a little article about Emergency Preparedness featuring www.do1thing.us. I don't think I'd have anything ready until January
Jaclyn Barcroft
Nov 27, 2007

Dec. newsletter

Does anybody have anything to put in the newsletter? If not, I might just wait until January to do another issue. At this time, I don't have anything to put
Evan and Kara Hope
Nov 21, 2007

Re: October newsletter

Amy Dennis is going to distribute to Elm and Maple. We can do Chestnut and Walnut. Greg, would you mind doing Hall & Schoolcraft? If you do mind, it wouldn't
Evan and Kara Hope
Oct 11, 2007
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