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13Re: newsletter, next event

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  • Evan and Kara Hope
    Sep 13, 2007
      Thanks, Amy & Greg. Both of those ideas for newsletter submissions
      sound good. I don't know what everyone else thinks about how often
      the newsletter should come out -- bimonthly maybe? If I get something
      submitted that I don't have room for this time, I'll save it for the
      next one.

      What about a Halloween thing? Do you we should meet? I guess the
      first step would be to check on the availability of a venue. I was
      thinking either the cafeteria or gym at Sycamore. Is the date ok --
      the Saturday before Halloween?

      --- In treestreets@yahoogroups.com, "Amy Lynn Dennis" <dennisa2@...>
      > That sounds great...what kind of stories do you want included? Also,
      > just getting ready to start doing daycare...maybe I could type
      something up
      > about it to put in there :)
      > Thanks...Amy Dennis
      > Evan and Kara Hope writes:
      > > I have volunteered to put together a newsletter for the Tree Streets
      > > Neighborhood Association. Please share your ideas or -- better yet --
      > > your stories with me, and I'll put the newsletter together with a
      > > target publication date of the first week of October. I thought it
      > > would be nice to include a photo or two from the picnic, too.
      > >
      > > To get the most out of the newsletter, it would be good to include
      > > "news" about our next event. Terri mentioned a Halloween costume
      > > parade. Maybe we could combine a costume parade with a little
      > > family-friendly party at Sycamore, perhaps on the Saturday before
      > > Halloween. We could have a costume contest, games, and food. I would
      > > be happy to help put together the Halloween event.
      > >
      > > What do you think?
      > >
      > > - Kara
      > >
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