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Nation-wide Action Against Silence

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  • rain_soldier
    it is important that we band together to instigate change. mark was right when he said that silence won t protect anyone. if it helps activists and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2002
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      it is important that we band together to instigate change. mark was
      right when he said that silence won't protect anyone. if it helps
      activists and non-activists alike to understand the positions that
      organizations throughout the US are taking, then i'll explain the
      position of the Institute for Global Education in Grand Rapids, MI- a
      small organization that works for peace, human rights and gender
      equality. in Grand Rapids, there was next to nothing presented by
      the local media about the rallies in DC, despite the fact that close
      to 100,000 people were present. how can a gathering of such
      magnitude not reach the dinner tables of the entire nation? pro-
      israel rallies, locally organized, were spotlighted by the local
      newspaper and television stations, but the anti-israel rallies were
      not covered at all. A columnist for the Grand Rapids Press, who
      wrote some powerful articles about the truth concerning the Palestine-
      Israel conflict, has been barred from writing anything more for the
      paper because of the influx of angry letters to the editor. and so
      ignorance, violence, injustice and silence prevail. we aren't
      letting these issues lie sterile, rather we are organizing and
      investigating, because the media needs to be held accountable for its
      acts and acts of omission. but the frigid truth of the situation in
      which we all, by default, find ourselves in currently, is that in
      every city and in every state, the dynamics of the "war on terrorism"
      are being intentionally dulled, and filled in with half-truths, or in
      some cases, with such severe bastardizations of reality that they
      become lies. and so it is that the most effective way to turn the
      hands of power around is to gather together and refuse to allow our
      government to continue to employ the cake and circus routine on its
      own citizens (or is it taco bell and nascar, or is it the olympics
      and burger king...)
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