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New Kids' Entertainment Stage Added to Lummis Day Fest, June 1

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    A separate new Family Stage will be featured at the Lummis Day Festival this year to add top kid-friendly puppet theater, storytelling and music to the
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      A separate new "Family Stage" will be featured at the Lummis Day Festival this year to add top kid-friendly puppet theater, storytelling and music to the kaleidoscope of music, dance and art that will fill Sycamore Grove Park from 12:30-7:00pm on Sunday, June 1.

      The Puppets and Players Little Theater and the We Tell Stories performing group will be featured on the new stage. Other performers will be announced soon. MC's for the Family Stage will include KPFK's Fidel Rodriguez, KTTV's Hal Eisner and personalities from KMEX, Univision 34.

      We Tell Stories is a multi-ethnic community of artists who educate and nurture young audiences by reconnecting them with the ancient powers and wisdom of storytelling and theater. Performances by the We Tell Stories group blend storytelling and audience-participatory theater to bring world folklore, fairy tales, literature, legends, and mythology to life.

      Puppets and Players Little Theatre creatively re-invents the ancient art of marionette theater with masterful marionettes, colorful stage sets, exquisite lighting and state of the art sound that all combine to leave a lasting impression of puppetry at its best. Their performances, which combine classical marionettes, hand puppets and live performers, are presented on a beautifully crafted European-style marionette theater-on-wheels.

      The third annual Lummis Day: The Festival of Northeast Los Angeles, will be presented by the Annenberg Foundation and the Autry National Center and
      will celebrate the diverse cultures and history of the L.A.’s Arroyo neighborhoods with June 1 events--free and open to the public--at Lummis Home and Sycamore Grove Park. Performers--all with roots in Northeast
      Los Angeles--will include nationally and regionally celebrated artists performing in Spanish, English and Tagalog.

      Information on the Festival and its programs is available at www.LummisDay.org

      Lummis Day takes its name from Charles Fletcher Lummis, who joined the L.A. Times as the newspaper’s first city editor in 1876. A prolific writer and photographer, Lummis was also one of the city’s first librarians, founded the Southwest Museum and helped introduce the concept of multi-culturalism to Southern California.

      Lummis Day: The Festival of Northeast Los Angeles is presented by the Annenberg Foundation and the Autry National Center. Festival sponsors include the Department of Recreation and Parks, the Arroyo Seco,
      Eagle Rock, Greater Cypress Park and Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Councils,KTTV Fox 11, KMEX Univision 34, public radio station KPFK 90.7, the Arroyo Seco Journal, Poets & Writers, Inc, SIPA: Search to Involve Pilipino Americans, the North Figueroa Association, Los Angeles City Council Districts 1 and 14, the Highland Park Heritage Trust, the Mount Washington Association, the L.A. Poetry Festival, the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and other community organizations.

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