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PLAYLIST Sat. Januany 07, 2006

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    Travel Tips For Aztlan Saturday January 07, 2006 Playlist Domingo siete Quitate la mascara Sergio Mendez Black Thought of the Roots Charlie Tuna of Jurassic
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      Travel Tips For Aztlan

      Saturday January 07, 2006

      Domingo siete
      Quitate la mascara

      Sergio Mendez
      Black Thought of the Roots
      Charlie Tuna of Jurassic Five
      Debi Nova & Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas

      Control Machete
      CD- uno, dos; bandera
      El genio del dub

      Boca Floja
      George W. Bush

      Charanga Cakewalk
      CD- Loteria de la Cumbia Lounge


      Dwight Trible
      Live on KPFK 1997
      Peace and Love

      Curtis Mayfield
      From the Superfly soundtrack

      El Kilo
      Al que le guste

      Todos tu muertos

      Sheila Nichols

      Rikki Lee Jones
      Rebel Rebel

      Lysa Flores
      Trophy Girl

      Marisa Tomei
      Reading a speech by Cindy Sheehan
      At Japan America Theatre, 2005

      In These Beats We trust

      Ry Cooder
      Chavez Ravine
      Don't Call Me Red

      Gibbie Hanes and Ministry
      Jesus Built My Hotrod

      Los Abandoned
      Stalk You

      Silversun Pickups
      Kissing Families

      Money Mark
      Mark's Keyboard Repair

      Massive Attack
      Karma Coma

      Quiero Cocida

      Café Tacuba
      Amor Vialento

      Tantra Monsters
      Twenty-one Tons

      La Public Library
      January 31, 2006 at 7pm
      "The Return of the Maya: EL RETORNO DE LOS MAYAS"

      Guatemala's first contemporary Mayan (Q'anjobal) novelist discusses
      the post-civil war future of his people with the director of a
      humanitarian organization aiding returned war refugees in rebuilding
      their lives in northwestern Guatemala.
      In English & Spanish, with translation.

      Gaspar Pedro González was, for many years, an official in the
      Ministry of Culture of Guatemala. His novel, A Mayan Life, originally
      published in Spanish, then released in English and Q'anjobal, is the
      first novel by a native Maya author. His second novel, The Return of
      the Maya, has been released in Spanish and English. Mr. Gonzalez has
      also published several books of poetry, including Palabras Mayas,
      which is a bilingual collection in Q'anjob'al and Spanish.

      Gaspar Pedro González grew up in San Pedro Soloma, a Q'anjob'al Maya
      community in the department of Huehuetenango in northwestern
      Guatemala. He was awarded scholarships that allowed him to pursue
      studies in the departmental capital, then in Quetzaltenango, and
      later on, in the Escuela de Bellas Artes in Mexico City. This unique
      background permitted González to become truly bicultural and equally
      fluent in both Q'anjob'al and Spanish.

      For further biographical information on Gaspar Pedro Gonzalez,
      First Mayan.DOC

      Frances Dixon is the founder and director of ADOPT-A-VILLAGE IN
      GUATEMALA, INC, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to making
      resources and training in self-help programs accessible to the Maya
      in northwest Guatemala.

      Frances Dixon was born in British Columbia, Canada. At age 18, she
      followed her childhood dream, and began traveling the world. She has
      visited some 40 countries, and worked in England, Ghana, and New
      Zealand. In the '80's, her lifelong wanderlust centered on Guatemala,
      during the time of that country's civil war. She witnessed the
      profound suffering of the Mayan Indian people and their desperate
      attempts to survive in the midst of 36 years of genocidal war.

      As a result of her experiences, Dixon founded Adopt-a-Village in
      Guatemala in 1991, an international non-profit organization dedicated
      to bring humanitarian help and self-sufficiency to the Mayan people.
      Since then, she has served as a full time volunteer and has been
      responsible for initiating and managing over 60 major health and
      education projects in northwest Guaemala, many of which directly
      support the peace process of post-war Guatemala.
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