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  • KitKatEyez
    To Mark Torres and Travel Tips for Aztlan group memebrs. (Some of the contents of the following message may have previously been sent via email or posted on
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2005
      To Mark Torres and Travel Tips for Aztlan group memebrs.

      (Some of the contents of the following message may have previously
      been sent via email or posted on the SHG Artist group site)

      Fellow artists/community members,

      There will be a community meeting held to discuss the status of Self
      Help Graphics tomorrow eve at Ave 50 Studio in Highland Park at 7 pm.
      As you are aware the Board of Directors of Self help Graphics shut
      the doors of this monumental institution without informing the
      community in which they service.

      A coalition of artists and community members has banded together to
      create a letter requesting the Board be held accountable for their
      actions and for them to provide financial records and minutes to
      meeting within a given time frame of 48 hours. There was a public
      invitation to all to attend the community meeting which was held this
      past Saturday at Belvedere Park in East LA. The letter was composed
      as a direct response to the concerns of those who attended the
      meeting. The letter will be posted shortly on the Self Help Artist
      Community Yahoo group site
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/selfhelpartistcommunity/ (please visit
      the site and join the group)

      Self Help Graphics, in its years of operation has seen countless
      artists/activists/community members walk through its doors. Many have
      profited professionally while others gained a sense of belonging to
      an institution built on the foundation of community. SHG was born in
      the 70s, an era known for social activism. Move forward 30 years to
      the present, a time where citizens are finding themselves fighting
      for rights believed to have been earned. Unfortunately it appears we
      are taking giant steps backward when in all reality we should be
      moving forward. Regardless what your belief is or method used to show
      resistance and opposition now is NOT a time to be complacent. If ever
      there was a time to come forward as a community it is NOW! We cannot
      afford to lose such an institution as Self Help Graphics.

      Please make calls to friends, relatives, artists, musicians, poets,
      performers, vendors, neighbors and express the importance of their
      presence at this Tuesday's meeting at Ave 50 Studio. Until now there
      have only been a small group of concerned citizens come forward to
      protest and attend Saturday's meeting. The meeting on Tuesday is an
      opportunity to express concerns, ask questions and gain information.
      It is also an opportunity to show the Board of Directors who their
      community is and let them know that their actions will not be

      If you cannot attend then send your questions with someone who will
      be attending. Post your concerns on the Yahoo group board. We will
      print them out and take them with us to present on your behalf.

      Bring your body. Bring your voice.

      Community Meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 28 at 7 pm Avenue 50
      Address: 131 No. Avenue 50 , Highland Park
      For more information call: 323 258-1435

      Thank you.
      Linda Gamboa
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