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travel tips for aztlan sept 18, 2004 playlist

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  • ginsengholguin
    Tito & Tarantula tarantism, 1997 After Dark Leather Uppers and Icky Boyfriends, 1993 Carne Mysterioso Fidel Selassie/Dios Todos Poderoso No somos solos
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2004
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      Tito & Tarantula
      tarantism, 1997
      "After Dark"

      Leather Uppers and Icky Boyfriends, 1993
      "Carne Mysterioso"

      Selassie/Dios Todos Poderoso
      "No somos solos"

      Los Nakos
      Va por Chiapas
      "Himno Zapatista"

      Le Bruit Et L'odeur
      Zarata Eta Usaina
      Ruido y Olor

      Natasha Perez
      "No Quiero"

      Steve Earl

      Mark Torres Election Comments
      & reads from "The Nation" periodical
      of Sept. 20, 2004

      Greg Palast
      Documentary clip
      "Bush Family Fortunes"

      Mark Torres reads from LA Times newspaper
      of Sat.Sept. 18, 2004 Section A p.23
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