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  • xolotl_27
    October 5, 2001 House of Blues (Hollywood) Quinto Sol (9pm) and the legendary The Wailers doors open @ 8pm for more
    Message 1 of 77 , Oct 2, 2001
      October 5, 2001<br>House of Blues <br>(Hollywood)<br><br>Quinto Sol (9pm)<br><br>and the legendary<br>The Wailers<br><br>doors open @ 8pm <br><br>for more info:<br>Quinto Sol - 323.355.9420
    • saborsmanager
      HAHAHA....!!!! great story....!!!! Yeah I agree.... Quetzal was off tha hook....!!! They simply TORE IT UP....!!!! Marta s vocals gave me goose bumps....
      Message 77 of 77 , Mar 6, 2002
        HAHAHA....!!!! great story....!!!! Yeah I
        agree.... Quetzal was off tha hook....!!! <br>They simply
        TORE IT UP....!!!! Marta's vocals gave me goose
        bumps.... all the musicians were incredible....!! They are
        the front runner for the 2002 Grammy for Best Latin
        Rock/Alternative Performance..... but why stop there.... how about
        Best Female vocals.... Best New Artist.... best Album
        of the year.....???!!! We should not be limited to
        this narrow little category.... but that's another
        story.....<br><br>The equipment was all mine and Peter Franco who mixes
        many of the Sunday shows at Universal Citywalk did the
        mixing.... assistant engineer was Ernesto Molina from East
        LA Sabor Factory.<br><br>If there are any other
        stories out there about how the Quetzal live performance
        saved your life or you car.... drop a line on this
        message board.<br><br>oh and yesterday when I turned into
        my alter-ego ROCKETMAN, I bowled my best series to
        date my first game was 224, then i bowled a 233, then
        i bowled a 208....!!! three 200 games in a row for
        a 665 series... woo hoo.... needless to say our
        team won all 4 points for that
        nite.....!!!!<br><br>Mark "Rocketman" Torres
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