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13Playlist for 06/23/01

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  • lunas_00
    Jul 11, 2001
      Sorry this is a bit delayed. I had some computer
      problems, but its all good now...<br><br>Travel Tips for
      Aztlan: Playlist 06/23/01<br><br>Guests during broadcast:
      Members of Burning Star and Domingo 7<br><br><br>
      BAND SONG ALBUM LABEL <br>1. Se´┐Żor Matanza- <br>2. Los
      FabulososCadillacs- Matador- Chau (Live Album)<br> <br>3. King Chango- <br>4.
      Caramelo Santo- <br><br>5. Peret & El Gran
      Silencio- King of the Rumba- <br>6. Nortec Bostitch
      Remix- <br>7. Peret- King of the Rumba- King of the
      Rumba- <br>8. Burning Star- Creation- Debut EP <br>* Interview
      with MemBers of Burning Star <br>9. Burning
      Star- Warriors- Debut EP <br>* Interview w/ BurninG
      Star <br>11.Burning- Traveling <br>12. Domingo 7- Miacitlali <br>* Interview w/ GabrieL
      Tenorio of Los DomIngo 7 <br>13. Domingo
      Siete- Tabaco- <br>* Interview Continued <br>14. Domingo
      7- Juventud <br>15. Firme- Firme
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