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Wednesday, November 1, 2000

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  • Bernie Wagenblast
    Transportation Communications Newsletter Wednesday, November 1, 2000 -- ISSN: 1529-1057
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      Transportation Communications Newsletter
      Wednesday, November 1, 2000  --  ISSN: 1529-1057
      OnStar, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, ATX Technologies, SmartMove, Cellport Systems, Lear Corporation, Denso North America, Siemens & Motorola - what have they all got in common?  They are all outlining their vision of Automotive Telematics at this year's annual Wireless and Auto E-Business meetingplace, EyeForAuto USA 2000, which takes place in San Jose, CA November 29 - December 1 at The Fairmont Hotel.
      Check www.eyeforauto.com/sanjose for details and join the leaders to network and discuss the future!
      1) Summer Traffic Jam Inspires New Ideas
      Accident which caused 12 mile delay results in new incident management plans.
      Link to story in Times Union  (Albany, New York):
      2) In-Car Computers Get a Driving Permit
      Software vendors compete to become the king of automotive computing.
      Link to story in eWEEK:
      3) ITS Quarterly Spotlights Caltrans Advanced Curve Warning and Traffic Monitoring System
      Link to article through ITS America:
      4) Directing Traffic's Future
      Maine communities unite to tackle region's transportation ills.
      Link to article in Portland Press Herald (Portland, Maine):
      5) The Wireless Web is Going Nowhere Fast
      Columnist says the Web isn't suited to small wireless devices.
      Link to column from eWEEK:
      6) Kentucky Public Service Commission Assigns 511 as Statewide Traveler Information Number
      Link to Kentucky PSC order:
      7) ESRI Software Powers Bay Area's TravInfo Project; ITS Offers Real-Time Traffic Information for Nine-County Area
      Link to company news release through Business Wire:
      8) Narrowcasting Vital to E-Gov
      From traffic updates to crime-pattern notices, personalized information will be delivered to citizens.
      Link to article in Federal Computer Week:
      9) FAA Navigation Tool Shows Promise
      Satellite-based navigation and communications tool shows promise.
      Link to article in Federal Computer Week:
      10) Taking Flight
      Airline Net initiatives take cargo.
      Link to story in Interactive Week:
      11) Malaysian Rail System To Use Motorola Communications System
      Link to article from New Strait Times (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):
      12) The Vehicle is the Message
      J.B. Hunt cuts deal to become biggest carrier of moving billboards.
      Link to news release through PRNewswire:
      13) Metro Manila Development Authority to Launch Web Site
      Information on traffic projects among information which will be provided.
      Link to story from Asia Pulse:
      14) Did the 'Great Storm' Catch Us Out?
      Many in Britain ask why bad weather can bring parts of the nation to a standstill.
      Link to story from the BBC News:
      15) Move Over "Car Talk,'' Motor Trend Launches Nationally Syndicated Radio Programs
      Link to company news release through Business Wire:
      16) Managing Risk in Transport Investment      
      Conference to be held in London 21 November 2000
      [meeting announcement]
      17) Unprecedented I-95 Reconstruction Closure in Delaware Spurs
      New Transportation Innovations Resulting in Uncongested Traffic Flow and
      Increased Commuter Rail Ridership
      [article by Drew McCaskey, Delaware Transit Corp.]
      Web Site of the Day: Brussels Airport
      Earlier this week I featured the Dallas | Fort Worth Airport as a Web Site of
      the Day.  That prompted a suggestion to take a look at the Brussels Airport
      Web site and what I found was quite good.  Among the features I liked were
      the arrival and departure information, including the ability to track
      flights.  A small item is a very nice touch, the Web site gives you the
      current time in Brussels.  This way you don't have to add or subtract hours
      to figure out the local time in comparison to your current location.  The Web
      site is also available in Dutch and French.
      http://www.brusselsairport.be/  (thanks to Paul Kompfner for suggesting this site)
      16) Managing Risk in Transport Investment      
      Conference to be held 21 November 2000
      One Great George Street, London, UK
      A key ingredient of the UK government's 10 year transport plan is likely to
      be the widespread use of public/private partnerships for funding transport
      investment, which will intensify investor interest in the management of risk
      on large projects.  This one day conference will highlight the existence of
      reliable methodologies and techniques for management of risk in transport
      such as RAMP, and address risk management across the entire field of
      transport investment.  The speakers will also provide guidance on how
      classic mistakes of the past could be minimised using risk management
      17) Unprecedented I-95 Reconstruction Closure in Delaware Spurs
      New Transportation Innovations Resulting in Uncongested Traffic Flow and
      Increased Commuter Rail Ridership

      By Drew McCaskey   DTC Marketing Manager
      November 2000

      Close Interstate I-95!  Many transportation professionals said it couldn't be
      done, and shouldn't be done because it would wreck havoc on adjacent
      secondary roadways, neighborhood streets, and on commuters' nerves.  The
      30-year old interstate, however, was in need of great repair.   The closure
      of the nation's major East Coast interstate through northern Delaware would
      present many challenges but also great opportunities for the Delaware
      Department of Transportation and its transit operating division, DART First
      State, to introduce many new transportation innovations. 

      On April 3, 2000, after years of planning and an aggressive public awareness
      campaign, the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) under the
      leadership of Secretary Anne Canby began its multi-year program to
      reconstruct the 30-year-old roadway.  The first phase of reconstruction began
      with the complete closing of the I-95 southbound lanes from the Pennsylvania
      line to just north of downtown Wilmington.
      Daily commuters, especially from Pennsylvania, were faced with seeking
      alternate ways to work, as were Delaware commuters who used I-95 to get back
      and forth to their jobs in Philadelphia.  Challenges also faced out-of-state
      drivers not familiar with the I-495 by-pass around Wilmington.
      The I-95 closure first presented DelDOT and DART First State with the
      challenge of adjusting existing bus routes to accommodate changes in traffic
      and ridership patterns.  The closure also presented the opportunity to
      implement 12 bus service initiatives that included extending rush hour trips
      and introduced new and innovative "Expresso" downtown express routes with a
      free cup of coffee promotion and an introductory week of free fares.
      More important to DelDOT and DART First State was the opportunity that the
      I-95 closure provided in showcasing the many cost-effective transit services
      available to commuters in contrast to driving.  So, too, was the opening for
      encouraging long term SOV motorists to "mode switch" to public transit.  
      Seizing the opportunity DelDOT and DART First State also implemented three
      new roundtrip trains to its Northern New Castle County - Philadelphia SEPTA
      R2 service.
      The "Wilmington Expresso" bus routes proved to be very successful as a new
      service measuring a 33% capacity rate for the first ten days of operation. 
      DART First State's commuter rail service with its 3 new additional trains
      initially increased ridership by 21% northbound and 40% southbound from
      DelDOT and DART First State's I-95 driven transportation innovations also
      resulted in constructing and opening of Delaware's 4th commuter rail station,
      located between its existing Newark and Wilmington Train Stations.  The new
      Fairplay Station at Churchmans Crossing provided I-95 weary commuters with 5
      northbound trains and 4 southbound trains between Philadelphia and Fairplay
      during both the morning and evening rush hour periods.  In just 7 weeks of
      operation, train ridership at the new Fairplay Station jumped over 600% per
      DelDOT's I-95 driven transportation innovations not only focused on its bus
      and train services.  To ease congestion on adjacent roadways and improve I-95
      related alternate routes, DelDOT embarked on an ambitious, fast track roadway
      improvement program.  The program included major highway paving and widening,
      improving intersections and ramps, upgrading park & ride facilities,
      installing dozens of new and eye-catching signs including electronic variable
      message boards, and creating Delaware's first HOV lane on I-95 alternate
      route US 202.
      Two special and leading edge innovations to aid commuters with their
      negotiations about the 1-95 construction centered on DelDOT's commitment to
      provide the riding public with timely traffic information and less traffic
      signal congestion.   To accomplish this DelDOT acquired an existing AM radio
      station and began statewide broadcasting of traffic and road construction
      information to the public as WTMC-AM.
      DelDOT also embarked on an aggressive ITMS program to ease the I-95
      commuters' journey.  In addition to the use of variable message signs,
      cameras were installed at key intersections and locations and linked to
      DelDOT's Traffic Management Control Center.  More than 100 traffic lights
      were also electronically linked to DelDOT's Traffic Signalization System so
      that motorists would see fewer red lights.  These two new innovations
      resulted in a much smoother increased traffic flow than anticipated.
      DelDOT and DART First State officials are pleased with the success of their
      I-95 driven transportation innovations and their closure of the interstate
      which was evidenced in a headline in an April 17, 2000 issue of Delaware's
      leading newspaper, The News Journal.  The headline read, "Twice the traffic,
      none of the hassle."  Twice the traffic indeed as traffic volume on US 202
      increased during the I-95 closure from 35,978 to 67,428, and flowed smoothly.
      Adding to the success was the completion of the reconstruction of southbound
      I-95 ahead of schedule and in time for July 4th motorists.
      The same innovations used for the southbound I-95 reconstruction are now
      being used successfully for the closure and reconstruction of the northbound
      section.   As DelDOT and DART First State prepares for Phase 2 of the I-95
      reconstruction through downtown Wilmington, they do so confident in knowing
      that their efforts have resulted in proving that innovative transportation projects
      and public transportation delivers.

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