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Friday, June 2, 2000

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  • Bernie Wagenblast
    Transportation Communications Newsletter Friday, June 2, 2000 -- ISSN: 1529-1057 ... 1) Turning Highways Into Warehouses Intelligent highway systems,
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      Transportation Communications Newsletter
      Friday, June 2, 2000  --  ISSN: 1529-1057

      1) Turning Highways Into Warehouses
      Intelligent highway systems, including better traveler information, help to tighten supply chain.
      Link to article from The Journal of Commerce:
      2) First Wireless Locations Services Conference Heralds Emerging Market With Huge Potential 
      Link to story from ITS America Web site:
      3) APTA Rail Transit Conference
      The conference will be held June 11-15 in St. Louis and will include sessions on marketing, incident management and communications-based train control.
      Link to further information through the APTA Web site:
      4) Passengers Get On The Fast Track At German Railway
      Interactive voice technology being used to provide information to rail customers.
      Link to article in PeriGram (newsletter of Periphonics Corp.) (Thanks to Daniel Ritz for passing this along.)
      http://www.peri.com/new/perigram/spring00.pdf (Please note, article is on page 7.)
      5) Advanced Transportation Controller Standards Overview
      The Advanced Transportation Controller is being developed to provide an open architecture hardware and software platform for a wide variety of ITS applications.
      Link to report from the ITE Web site:
      6) Plan Aids Cellular 911 Calls
      Iowa will have a more effective system for routing emergency calls made from cell phones.
      (This is a follow-up newspaper article on the news release in yesterday's edition.)
      Link to story from The Des Moines Register:
      7) AirportHub.com Expands Its Role As Premier Global Portal For Airports
      [organization news release]
      7) AirportHub.com Expands Its Role As Premier Global Portal For Airports
      VANCOUVER, B.C. and WASHINGTON, June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Airports Council International - North America (ACI-NA) and aeroVISTAS.net announced today that it has enhanced the scope of AirportHub.com. The advanced Internet portal site has been redesigned with improved interface and navigational functionality. (www.airporthub.com)
      ``As industry leaders in e-commerce for airports, we recognize that airport managers have differing needs,'' stated Curt Ketchum, President & CEO of aeroVISTAS.net. ``We are accommodating their varying requirements by organizing and presenting the site according to airport functional areas and specific interest groups,'' he added.
      The site, created as an information center featuring ACI-NA airport member-related news updates, press releases, requests for proposals (RFPs) and job opportunities, now features navigation categories that represent the various areas of an airport including operations, finance, environment, statistics, government affairs, information technology, marketing, commercial development, safety, security and planning.
      ``We are pleased to be able to offer our member airports this new site design which significantly improves the functionality of AirportHub.com. Not only does it allow for broader availability of information pertinent to airport subject matter, it also provides for easier access to airport RFPs, employment opportunities, and press release information,'' said David Plavin, President, Airports Council International - North America.
      The AirportHub.com Web site was launched in April this year during ACI- NA's Economic Specialty Conference.
      Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, aeroVISTAS.net is a leading provider of integrated e-business solutions for the airport and logistics industries.
      ACI-NA is the voice of airports, representing local, regional and state governing bodies that own and operate commercial airports in the United States and Canada. Member airports enplane more than 95% of the commercial traffic in North America. Over 300 aviation-related businesses are associate members of the organization.
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