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Monday, May 1, 2000

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  • Bernie Wagenblast
    Transportation Communications Newsletter Monday, May 1, 2000 -- ISSN: 1529-1057 ... 1) Bus To Promote Light Rail in Cincinnati Specially outfitted Rail
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      Transportation Communications Newsletter
      Monday, May 1, 2000  --  ISSN: 1529-1057

      1) Bus To Promote Light Rail in Cincinnati
      Specially outfitted Rail Blazer will visit sites in Ohio and Kentucky.
      Link to story in The Cincinnati Enquirer:
      Link to I-71 Light Rail Transit project's Web site:
      2) White House to end GPS 'degradation'
      Civilian Global Positioning System is used in a number of transportation applications.
      Link to story from ZDNet:
      White House news release on the decision:
      Statement by President Clinton:
      3) DENSO Selects GDT Data to Enhance Top-Rated Navigation System
      [company news release]
      4) ESRI and TrafficStation Sign Joint Development Initiative
      Two Firms Agree to Launch Collaborative Effort to Provide Online and
      Wireless Traffic Mapping and Intelligent Routing Services
      [company news release]
      3) DENSO Selects GDT Data to Enhance Top-Rated Navigation System

          LEBANON, N.H.--May 1, 2000--Geographic Data Technology, Inc., a developer
      of premier map databases, announced today that it has entered into an
      agreement with DENSO, one of the world's largest automotive parts suppliers,
      to offer GDT's street and address data within DENSO's navigation systems,
      which have been top rated by J.D. Powers & Associates.

          DENSO will use GDT's Dynamap(R)/Transportation database, which includes
      both urban and rural areas, to provide detailed street and address
      information for regions not previously covered in the DENSO navigation
      system. Dynamap/Transportation provides a multipurpose U.S. street network
      database to serve demanding applications. Compiled from a vast network of
      sources, Dynamap/Transportation provides street and address coverage, highly
      accurate one-way and restricted turn information, accurate representation of
      limited access highways, preferred routing names, and exit point layers.

          "We believe there is tremendous synergy between the goals and products of
      our companies," said Mike Gerling, GDT president. "GDT's primary goal is to
      maintain a nationwide, routable database with complete addressing information
      to serve the needs of digital map users in a variety of market segments. Our
      database provides a solid foundation for DENSO's navigation software and
      hardware products."

          About DENSO

          Japan-based DENSO Corporation, a global supplier of advanced technology,
      systems and components, employs more than 72,000 people in 26 countries.
      Worldwide sales total $14.5 billion for fiscal year 1998. In North America,
      DENSO employs 13,000 at 21 companies and 5 engineering centers. North
      American sales for 1999 totaled $3.6 billion.

          About GDT

          Geographic Data Technology, Inc. develops premier map databases that
      provide the foundation for location-based applications. With 20 years
      experience in data management and compilation, GDT excels at bringing
      together a myriad of data resources to create usable spatial products and
      services that help businesses and consumers manage, understand and analyze
      geographic relationships. GDT provides cartographic data to major GIS vendors
      and is the data provider for leading software and web mapping programs. GDT
      data is used for routing, web mapping, emergency response, site selection,
      risk analysis, facilities management, and a host of other applications. With
      a focus on nationwide coverage, GDT offers customers the most complete,
      current and comprehensive geographic products on the market. Rated one of the
      fastest growing private companies in New Hampshire, GDT employs 400 people at
      its Lebanon, NH headquarters. For more information, visit the GDT web site at

          Dynamap is a registered trademark of Geographic Data Technology, Inc.

      4) ESRI and TrafficStation Sign Joint Development Initiative
      Two Firms Agree to Launch Collaborative Effort to Provide Online and
      Wireless Traffic Mapping and Intelligent Routing Services

      Los Angeles and Redlands, California -- ESRI, the first company to leverage
      geographic information system (GIS) software on the World Wide Web, and
      TrafficStation, Inc., North America's leading provider of interactive
      traffic and transportation information services spanning the Internet,
      wireless and Telematics markets, today announced a broad reaching technical
      partnership to develop alternate routing, true time-to-destination and
      traffic forecasting services. The companies will also collaborate to
      integrate ESRI's mapping, data visualization and routing capabilities into
      TrafficStation's proactive services delivered across an array of platforms.
      This announcement builds on and expands the existing strategic alliance
      between the companies, which includes cooperative marketing programs and
      integrated traffic and GIS services for government and Fortune 1000 business

      Utilizing ESRI's highly scalable ArcIMS and Arc Spatial Database Engine
      (SDE) software, TrafficStation will deliver real-time traffic information
      and alerts on detailed, multi-tier area maps. ESRI's developers' toolkit,
      NetEngine, will provide dynamic intelligent routing services to the mobile
      user via voice recognition and wireless application protocol (WAP) browser

      Initial application of the ESRI and TrafficStation collaboration will be
      implemented in the upcoming Trips123 Federal Model Deployment Initiative
      (MDI). The largest and most ambitious of the four federally funded MDIs,
      Trips123 will provide real-time traffic and public transportation
      information as well as intelligent route planning services to more than 18
      million people in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut metropolitan
      area. ESRI will integrate TrafficStation traffic information with spatial
      data such as street maps and railway data, then serve this information to
      commuters via the Trips123.com Web site and an array of wireless devices.

      ArcIMS features direct "data streaming" between the server and a Web browser
      or other clients, and its unique architecture provides an open and flexible
      platform. ArcIMS easily scales from the smallest Intranet installation to
      the most demanding Internet site. Ernie Ott, ESRI transportation industry
      manager, said, "Our newest Internet map server product, ArcIMS, enables
      large cities and metropolitan areas to take full advantage of Internet
      mapping technology for AITS without the previous concerns associated with
      scalability and performance." With little software customization involved,
      the mapping service is slated for a speedy deployment. "Project development
      and initial implementation phases with TrafficStation are scheduled for
      completion by midsummer," reported Ott.

      This union of best-of-breed companies is another leap towards the
      development and deployment of TrafficStation 3.0 and 4.0 product releases.
      Product features will include dynamic congestion mapping, comprehensive
      speed and flow information, intelligent routing services, true
      time-to-destination calculations, integrated voice recognition and graphic
      WAP mapping interfaces on metropolitan and interstate roadways.

      Both ESRI and TrafficStation view this alliance as the next step in a
      fruitful relationship to provide clients with the highest quality GIS and
      mapping services combined with comprehensive traffic and traveler
      information. "ESRI is extremely excited about working with TrafficStation to
      provide real-time traffic information within Internet GIS," said Jack
      Dangermond, president of ESRI.

      Geoff Halstead, TrafficStation president and CEO, commented: "We are
      delighted to be expanding our partnership with ESRI, which allows us to
      offer more robust services to our clients. As we continue to accelerate our
      North American deployment and data harvesting activities, the ability to
      turn these huge volumes of data into actionable information will be more
      important than ever. The technical initiatives that we are announcing today
      will form the core of our TrafficStation 3.0 and 4.0 products, enabling us
      to fulfill our mission to help our customers and business clients get to
      their destinations quickly and efficiently."

      Steve Helme, TrafficStation vice president of information systems, added,
      "ESRI is the undisputed global leader in GIS and intelligent routing and
      analytic solutions. Combined with their unparalleled strength in the
      visualization of disparate data sets including transportation networks,
      demographics, and other attributes and events, ESRI is the natural choice in
      completing the architecture for TrafficStation 3.0 and 4.0 products."

      About TrafficStation

      TrafficStation (www.trafficstation.com) is North America's leading provider
      of personalized traffic, transportation and traveler information via the
      Internet, telecommunications and mobile wireless devices. Services are currently
      offered in 27 major metropolitan areas in the United States and Canada
      with a rapid North American rollout continuing through 2000.

      Current clients and partners include Microsoft, Zip2/Alta Vista, Vicinity
      MapBlast!, MyWay.com, the New York Times, AvantGo, Phone.com and US Wireless
      Corporation. TrafficStation leadership has been recognized through its
      selection as Partner in the AZTech and Trips123 Federal Model Deployment
      Initiatives in Arizona and New York respectively. TrafficStation is also
      working with Microsoft to deliver its traffic solutions to Windows CE
      devices, with PalmComputing for popular Palm devices and with Phone.com to
      deliver services through Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and Wireless
      Mark-up Language (WML).

      About ESRI

      For more than thirty years, ESRI has been the leading developer of
      geographic information system (GIS) software with more than 220,000 clients
      worldwide. ESRI also provides consulting, implementation, and technical
      support services. In addition to its headquarters in California, ESRI has
      regional offices throughout the United States, international distributors in
      more than ninety countries, and more than 900 resellers and developers.
      ESRI's goal is to provide users with comprehensive tools to help them
      quickly and efficiently manage and use geographic information to make a real
      difference in the world around them. ESRI can be found on the Web at
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