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  • hammam
    dear sirs Let us introduce ourselves as a egyptian private company involved in shipping business and based on: Agency department · For many years , our agency
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 1998
      dear sirs

      Let us introduce ourselves as a egyptian private company
      involved in shipping business and based on:

      Agency department

      · For many years , our agency has provided an high
      standard of services and maritime consulting services to many of world 's
      most prominent ship owners, operators, charterers and brokers.

      - We provide full vessel attendance at all egyptian ports
      and suez canal passage to any kind of vessel, no matter the size, with
      expertize on bulk, general and liquid cargoes with office stuff 24-hours
      basis to achieve the most cost-effective operations.
      Appropriately, the adage "time is money" is our rule of
      modern agents.

      · Our renowned vessel attendance quality, ensure fast and
      accurate handling of all details and despatch of vessels,
      expediting ship's arrivals and departures, loading and
      unloading operations and ship's operation in port.

      · For the constant need for prompt communication, before,
      during, and after vessel sailing, Egymar Agencies Company provides
      updated information to our clients such as berthing prospects, cargo
      readiness, whether conditions
      and soon many of these information will be available
      "on - line" through the net.

      - Anticipation of potential delays and early identification
      of factors which may impact on the vessel's port time
      are part of our job.

      - Our disbursement accounts are a natural symptom of a
      healthy shipping market, and following todays
      competition grown our ability is to produce an
      increasingly valuable service with stabil agency fees.

      · Our staff assist the Captains and Officers with portable
      GSM phones and any other useful means which can speed-up operations and
      save costs.

      · A particular branch of our agency activity is dedicated
      to general-agency, so that we can take care of Principals'
      vessel anywhere, any time with our centralized system
      and through a network of branch-offices or correspondents
      worldwide with no additional costs.

      Forwarding department

      · Custom clearances
      · Freight forwarding
      · Storage
      · Warehousing
      · Trucking and rail arrangements for inland transport
      · Export/import customs consultants

      - We are acting in accordance with all national laws and
      local regulations

      - Representing your interests strictly in the principles
      of honesty and integrity , and your business being

      - Operate - handling cargoes in a sound and honourable
      financial manner

      - Project cargoes handling.

      Chartering department:

      -booking more than 400.000 mts per year of steels, timber,
      scrap, project cargoes with worldwide destinations.
      - in direct conections with owners of 500-40000 mts dwt

      Our full style:

      Egymar Agencies Company

      5 mahmud sidki and el forat street
      fourth floor office no. 16
      P.said - Egypt

      Tel: +20.66.228208
      fax: +20.66.228208
      A.o.h. : +20 66 347845
      tlx: 94070237 egym g
      comtext : a54un036
      e-mail: hammam@...

      For the weekly p.said port report please do not hesitate to
      contact us.

      Waiting your instructions, we remain,

      Yours faithfully
      Egymar Agencies Company


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