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[transport-communications] News Release: Visteon's Navigation System

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  • Bernie Wagenblast
    Monday March 1, 12:43 pm Eastern Time Company Press Release SOURCE: Visteon Automotive Systems Visteon s Navigation System Will Set Drivers Straight in Their
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 1999
      Monday March 1, 12:43 pm Eastern Time

      Company Press Release

      SOURCE: Visteon Automotive Systems

      Visteon's Navigation System Will Set Drivers
      Straight in Their Tracks

      DETROIT, March 1 /PRNewswire/ -- It's raining, you're in an unfamiliar
      city, you're late, and you're lost. No

      Just touch a couple of keys on Visteon Automotive System's new NavMate®
      navigation system and then follow
      its turn-by-turn voice instructions to your destination.

      Visteon will push vehicle navigation systems to a new level with the
      introduction of NavMate® this year. The
      system uses advanced navigation features such as a GPS (Global
      Positioning System) receiver,
      dead-reckoning, map matching, and a user-friendly display screen to
      deliver only the most essential route
      information needed by the consumer. Drivers can program multiple tasks
      into the system using simple keypad

      ``NavMate® offers drivers a safe, reliable, and state-of-the-art vehicle
      navigation system,'' said Mike Maloney, director of Visteon's Multimedia
      strategic business unit. ``Consumers have been vocal about wanting an
      easy-to- use navigation system that provides immediate route assistance.
      This product fits the bill.''

      Among the features that NavMate® offers:

      * GPS positioning uses a system of satellites to calculate
      location. When NavMate® makes contact with
      these satellites, its location can be determined to within 100 to
      300 feet.

      * Dead-reckoning which works on feedback from vehicle and
      directional sensors that determine when the
      vehicle turns to instantly compute change in the vehicle's
      position. Dead-reckoning not only takes over
      when there is a degradation or loss of satellite signals -- as can
      happen in tunnels -- but it also improves vehicle position
      accuracy from 300 to 30 feet.

      * Map matching allows NavMate® to continuously determine the shape
      of the vehicle's route by
      comparing its dead-reckoning track to the actual road layout. It
      does this by using algorithms to compute
      changes in direction and distance traveled. As new data is received
      from the dead-reckoning function,
      output coordinates are linked to known points on a digital road map
      and the algorithm ``snaps'' the vehicle onto the road network.

      * A CD-based map database that contains route information for the
      United States on three discs. Each
      CD offers consumers route information on a different part of the

      * Automatic route recalculation functions, to recalculate the route
      for a driver if he or she leaves the
      indicated roads.

      * Thousands of concierge services from over 40 categories such as
      gas stations, hotels and automatic
      teller machines.

      * A personal address book which allows consumers to store and name
      often repeated destinations in a
      personal address book.

      * ``Softkeys'' which allow consumers to program multiple functions
      into the system with a minimum number
      of buttons.

      Visteon will introduce NavMate® as an aftermarket product later this

      With a global delivery system consisting of more than 120 technical,
      manufacturing, sales and service facilities located in 20 countries,
      Visteon is leveraging the talents of its 82,000 employees to deliver
      innovative, consumer-driven automotive solutions to its customers.

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