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[transport-communications] Deal Announced to Provide Traffic Info via Wireless

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  • J.T. Claire
    PageNet and SmartRoute Systems Enter Pact To Provide Traffic Reports to Wireless Customers DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 3, 1998--PageNet (Nasdaq:PAGE), the
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      PageNet and SmartRoute Systems Enter Pact To Provide Traffic Reports to
      Wireless Customers

      DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 3, 1998--PageNet (Nasdaq:PAGE), the
      leading wireless messaging and information provider, and SmartRoute
      Systems, the leading high-tech traffic information company, announced
      today that they have entered an agreement to provide real-time,
      personalized traffic reports to PageNet subscribers. PageNet expects to
      offer services with SmartRoute initially in eight U.S. markets and
      expanding to additional markets throughout 1999.

      "Through market research and our own discussions with customers, we
      have identified a strong interest in timely traffic information,
      delivered wirelessly to our subscribers wherever they are," said John P.
      Frazee, Jr., chairman, president and chief executive officer of PageNet.
      "Commuters want current information about delays and other relevant
      traffic data, customized to the daily routes they take or other
      specifications. Commercial vehicle operators, frequent business
      travelers and others also desire traffic information personalized to
      their needs."

      "SmartRoute Systems is the clear leader in the delivery of
      customized data to travelers," Mr. Frazee added, "and our partnership
      will enable us to deliver this valuable information to a full range of
      one-way and two-way devices."

      "PageNet is the wireless messaging industry leader and is committed
      to providing the broadest, most diverse range of information services to
      its customers," said Steve Crosby, chairman and chief executive officer
      of SmartRoute. "This partnership will enable SmartRoute to do what it
      does best -- collect, process and deliver a wide range of electronic
      traveler information -- through PageNet's state-of-the-art wireless
      network and backed by PageNet's nationwide sales and marketing

      SmartRoute Systems, headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., was founded
      in 1988 to provide traveler information services to the home, office and
      vehicle. The company currently provides a range of voice, video and data
      information services under the brand name "SmarTraveler" in Boston,
      Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Cincinnati. SmartRoute Systems is
      launching its traveler information services in Detroit and Minneapolis
      later this month, and will be operational in 30 U.S. cities in the next
      two years. Company information is available on the Internet at

      PageNet provides wireless messaging and information services to
      more than 10 million subscribers in the United States, Canada and Spain.
      The company provides a full range of paging and advanced messaging
      services, including Internet messaging, assured- delivery messaging and
      two-way interactive messaging. In addition to these services, the
      company has announced its intention to create and deliver a wide array
      of branded, customized, value-added wireless information services.
      Detailed information and coverage maps for PageNet service are available
      on the Internet at www.pagenet.com.

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