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[transmonde] Can't power up fully - not even BIOS

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  • stadel@execpc.com
    All Here s the situation. I own a 2.5 year old Vibrant w/P133. It doesn t power up correctly. I m not sure if it s an internal battery problem or if it s in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2000
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      Here's the situation. I own a 2.5 year old Vibrant w/P133. It doesn't
      power up correctly. I'm not sure if it's an internal battery problem
      or if it's in some type of super sleep mode. When I push the power
      button, some times it takes 3 tries to get it to start up. Then, the
      drives don't spin up and you can't even get into setup. It just sits
      with a blank screen. There is an icon on the lcd status panel (on the
      chassis - not the display panel) that I don't remember seing before.
      It is a the letters ZV inside a rectangle. I'm thinking that is
      related to my problem but, as you all know, my owners manual did'nt
      come with alot of detailed information.
      I thought that if I removed and re-installed my cmos battery if it was
      in a 'super sleep' I would clear that from memory...unfortunately the
      battery appears to be soldered to the motherboard.
      Thoughts, questions, comments...anyone?
      Thanks djs
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