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Re: [transmonde] Vivante XL Ram..

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  • Amit Kalra
    Do you still have your old 64 meg RAM card? Would you be willing to sell it? ... __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Yahoo!
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 29, 2000
      Do you still have your old 64 meg RAM card? Would you
      be willing to sell it?

      --- Les Tyrrell <tyrrell@...> wrote:
      > > Does anyone know what the Standard setup is for
      > the
      > > VIvante XL as far as RAM. I have 64 Megs, I think
      > it
      > > has a 128meg capacity. Right now do I have two 32
      > meg
      > > cards or one 64? Also where can I get ram from?
      > Or
      > > is anyone selling RAM for the Vivante XL?
      > >
      > > Amit
      > I got my RAM from 3Klix.com. They explicitly listed
      > the Vivante XL, so I felt more comfortable about
      > buying from them since I was
      > concerned about getting the right kind. More
      > knowledgeable folks could probably give you other
      > options.
      > My Vivante XL is now running happily with 256Mb in
      > it, and that is the max as far as I know. This is
      > done with two 128Mb modules.
      > However, I have to warn you that to change the RAM
      > you are going to have to completely dismantle your
      > Vivante, and while that is not
      > too hard to do there are lots of little screws to
      > keep straight ( use paper cups or whatever and label
      > in manner that will make it
      > easy to put them right back in the right spots, as
      > it does matter ) and you will need to know a few
      > "secrets" to be able to do take
      > the Vivante apart easily ( if it is hard, then you
      > don't know one of the secrets and you need to STOP
      > and ASK for help- otherwise
      > you are going to trash your Vivante ). Also, and
      > this is a big point to consider, you are going to
      > have to remove your CPU
      > daughtercard. For various reasons, I did this about
      > a dozen times and cringed each time. But I made it,
      > and it is running happily.
      > But you will need to be very very careful about
      > remembering exactly how your Vivante is built in
      > this area- I would reccomend taking
      > pictures, and waiting whatever time is neccessary
      > for your pictures to be developed before taking this
      > apart. Otherwise, you get to
      > do this part over and over again, HOPING that you
      > are not destroying your computer in the process.
      > And that's just one of the joys
      > of the process- I'm pretty sure that there is no way
      > to do this without also removing the screen.
      > So yes there are suppliers ( were a few months ago
      > anyway ), and if you know what you are doing then it
      > is actually fairly
      > straightforward to do this, BUT you don't know what
      > you are doing, and it WONT be straightforward, so if
      > you really want to do this
      > be very patient, and don't hesitate to ask questions
      > along the way. DOCUMENT what you do- if I had, I
      > could have pointed you to a
      > website showing How I Did It. It took me a month to
      > do mine, but I stopped every time it refused to
      > yield and would come back to it
      > the next day or so later.
      > Good luck!
      > - les

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