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689Re: [transmonde] Last Transmonde???????

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  • bkr
    Oct 17, 2006
      On Tue, 17 Oct 2006, Ben & Alcira McConnell wrote:

      > Do I have the last Transmonde??? Still running on my small home
      > network-win98se-266-6gb-I think it is an SE model!

      I have three SE models in various condition. Two I bought
      second-hand in 2003 are my home "desktop" computers. One is fine
      except for the famous cracked hinges, and the other has a few
      odd keys and a flaky touchpad. Cracked hinges SE is my "vacation"
      laptop. My original 233 SE now has a dead keyboard, but it
      was my main mobile "laptop" unit up until just a year ago. All
      the batteries are now less than 1 hour. I thought of getting one
      or two rebuilt, but instead I bought an external battery that plugs
      into the external power jack. If I wanted to I could assemble one
      all-good SE using parts from the three of them.

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