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677Vivante XL and Parts for Sale

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  • kscomputers
    Oct 23, 2004
      I have a Vivante XL P266 for sale. it has been a great laptop for
      years, but it is time to upgrade. As usual, I've had to change the
      CMOS battery from time to time to keep the machine in working shape
      (for some reason when the cmos battery dies, the machine has booting
      problems). THe CMOS batteries seem to last for shorter and shorter
      a period of time, but it still works. It has a 4 gig hard drive and
      128 mb RAM. It has the CDROM drive, the DVD Decoder (just needs a
      DVD Drive to work). I have several extra batteries for this, but
      none of them seem to have a long life. I have the carrying case,
      the driver disks and the AC Adapter. I'm also selling it with your
      choice of either wireless or wired Network card. Send me an offer
      at kstaples@.... The first reasonable offer takes it.

      To add to the fun, I'm including another Transmonde XL that I've
      cannabalized a bit for parts. It doesn't have RAM, A Hard drive or
      a working keyboard, but everything else is fine.