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668Re: Adding RAM to Vivante SE

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  • Phil Calvert
    Aug 23, 2004
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      --- In transmonde@yahoogroups.com, "Brooks K. Rownd" <bkr@s...> wrote:
      > The Vivante SE I'm typing on has 256Mb, and the manual says
      > "up to a total of 256MB SDRAM" (note the word "total") for two slots.
      > 144 pin 3.3V SODIMM sticks.
      > brooks

      Hi Brooks,

      Thanks for the reply. I don't have my manual handy, so I couldn't
      look it up to double check. In that case I'm just going to buy a 128
      MB SODIMM stick. I think 192 MB of RAM should be plenty, and I can't
      really see spending much money on a laptop that's five years old.

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