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42[transmonde] Re: LCD

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  • Brooks Rownd
    Jul 18, 1999
      >My LCD from day one was dimmer than a passive display, and I know that
      >Transmonde doesn't use passive displays...About a month ago it started
      >flickering brighter...like I expect it should look. Mind you I sent it
      >in twice before for service, the reseated the wires and no improvment.

      This sounds like a problem I've been having with mine. The first
      few months I owned it there were no problems. Then for a month
      there was a random fluctuation or flickering in the backlight
      brightness. Like a poor contact or bad backlight bulb. This makes
      it impossible to use.

      I sent it in once and they say they moved the wires, but the problem
      remained when I got it back. I was travelling with it for the next
      month and the problem went away during that time. Two months later it
      returned again, but deadlines have kept me from investigating the
      problem further.

      I have had it open in the same position on my desk for the last six
      weeks, because one day it wasn't flickering when I started it up and
      I haven't moved it since. As long as I don't move it, it works great.
      When I get all of my files backed up, maybe this week, I'll start
      working with Transmonde again to try to figure out what to do with it.

      Otherwise, it runs like a dream.
      That makes it all the more frustrating...



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