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36[transmonde] LCD

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  • flamingkrap@hotmail.com
    Jul 5, 1999
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      I love the machine, and the people seem nice BUT....

      My LCD from day one was dimmer than a passive display, and I know that
      Transmonde doesn't use passive displays...About a month ago it started
      flickering brighter...like I expect it should look. Mind you I sent it
      in twice before for service, the reseated the wires and no improvment.
      Now it is worse than ever. With my schedule I have only been able to
      email them about it, but no replies. I need to eventually call. But I
      will have sent my machine in something like 5 times in the last year
      for service. This is a bit unacceptable, don't you think?

      I really want to like this company, and I guss I just want to hear that
      this is a unique problem. If it isn't, of course, I am STILL



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