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355Re: [transmonde] Transmondes still in use

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  • Dan Christensen
    Nov 2, 2001
      Kenneth Crudup <kenny@...> writes:

      > You're right- but I've got "mobile-update" running (which doesn't hit the
      > disk ever 30 sec) and I've got APM <mumble something> enabled in my
      > kernel config. Mine will stay "off"ish (I get the same things you see
      > when I "Suspend to RAM", IIRC).

      I think what you are doing is different from suspend to RAM. With
      what you are doing, your cpu, video chip, sound chip, RAM, ... are
      all still running. With suspend to RAM, they are all completely
      shut off, except for the RAM. No need to worry about the update
      daemon, since the cpu isn't running *any* processes.

      As a test, you could see how long your machine lasts on battery power
      after "apm -S". I suspect it will be about 5 hours. With suspend to
      RAM, my machine can last something like 24 hours.

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