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352Re: [transmonde] Transmondes still in use

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  • Dan Christensen
    Nov 2, 2001
      Kenneth Crudup <kenny@...> writes:

      > On Thu, 1 Nov 2001, Dan Christensen wrote:
      >> Are you saying that you can change whether you suspend to disk or to
      >> RAM without having to first reboot and change the BIOS setting? This
      >> is something I've wanted for a while. Can you explain how you do it?
      >> I run linux as well, on an SE.
      > I have my BIOS set to "suspend to disk" as a default.
      > "apm -s" does the full suspend to disk.
      > "apm -S" does the suspend to RAM.

      With my BIOS set to "suspend to RAM", "apm -s" does a suspend to
      RAM, but "apm -S" just spins down the hard drive and makes the
      screen go black (but not *blank*, it is still on). Even worse,
      the hard drive spins back up and the screen is redisplayed after
      about 1 second.

      I'm pretty sure I also tried this when I had my BIOS set to "suspend
      to disk", but it's hard for me to check now since I would have to
      recreate my suspend to disk partition. (I deleted it so I would
      have more disk space.) I wonder why it works for you and not for
      me. Does it work for others on the list?

      > There's certainly a way to do it programmatically, too (if Windows has the
      > ability- and I don't know if it does- to change the suspend method w/o
      > rebooting, then it can be done under linux, *somehow*).

      Can anyone confirm whether Windows can do this?

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