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282Re:[transmonde] video driver for SE?

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  • Ashot Bord
    Apr 7, 2001
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      RE: no full screen display

      Two possible places to check:
      1) Windows: display properties:
      --- Right click anywhere (not on files) on the windows desktop. Select Properties. (Alternatively go: ControlPanel _Display)
      --- In the opened DisplayProperties Select tab Settings
      ---Move the slider to the correct screen size(resolution) i.e. if you have 12" -- 800x600, if 13" and up 1024x768 etc.
      ---Accept the changes.
      2) if 1) doesn't help -- check BIOS (F2 on bootup), so the STARTUP_LCD shows something like EXPAND: Text and Graphics. This actually should be described in the original User's Guide (and included leaflett).

      Hope it helps.


      P.S. If you not sure about going into BIOS -- find the User's Guide first, you may find out some other settings to check. Also this may answer your question as for Why you got the error firsthand -- this could indicate your BIOS "forgot" the HD's type ---sign of dieing infamous CMOS battery.

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