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  • ...overlap with those of humans and that allow various types of communication to occur between different orders of living beings. Chris Drake
    chris drake Mar 6
  • ...thumb/8/89/Oda_Umizato.jpg/270px-Oda_Umizato.jpg * The word b ōch ū / b ō jū (坊中) does not seem to appear in this hokku. Chris Drake
    chris drake Feb 10
  • ...kirigirisu, although in contemporary Japanese k ō rogi is almost always used for cricket and kirigirisu for katydid or grasshopper. Chris Drake
    chris drake Feb 5
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  • ...plum blossom viewing even in the cold rain and are keeping warm with flasks of sake, a common practice. In Issa's time Edo sake sellers had developed a system whereby even ordinary workers who couldn't afford to buy large kegs of sake could...Masamune sake lent to customers a few decades after Issa's time: http://www.kikumasamune.co.jp/toshokan/10/10_05.html Chris Drake
    chris drake Jan 23
  • ...Issa's age "ruler" most commonly referred to the shogun, the political and military ruler, especially if you lived in Edo, as Issa had, although in Kyoto and among supporters of the emperor the phrase referred to the emperor, though the emperor...the bodhisattva reached out and helped various beings: http://livedoor.blogimg.jp/minami_aizu/imgs/4/7/47ce5ed3.jpg Chris Drake
    chris drake Dec 28, 2016
  • ...humble way that is also polite to other people and houses. It is unlikely that Issa would refer to all the houses in Edo as humble huts unless he were literally referring to a very rundown part of the city. Maruyama's text also shows that...character that has the house radical at the top. Hoping your houses and huts, grass or otherwise, are full of excitement, Chris Drake
    chris drake Dec 22, 2016
  • ...to. He has been left behind and left out and ignored even by his own relatives. Eventually Issa was able to leave his Edo home behind, but only after five more years of longing and stressful disputes. One turn of language seems to express...that he still remains behind in his symbolic nest, but he hopes to fly off soon the way the geese now fly by overhead. Chris Drake
    chris drake Dec 9, 2016
  • ...live in his hometown but while he was in the area northeast of Edo, visiting haikai poets there during a trip to the Edo area. In the previous year his first child, Sentaro, was born, but he died a little less than a month later. In the...as fun for her. For to shite in this context meaning "with their mother," see Maruyama, Issa shichiban nikki 2.303. Chris Drake
    chris drake Nov 27, 2016
  • ...out of a rectangular tube like a small waterfall: http://blog-imgs-31.fc2.com/a/i/o/aioi/tokoroten-300-250-1.jpg An Edo-period street vendor pushes a stick that forces jelly strips out of a tube as he serves a customer who holds a shallow...hand and chopsticks in his right hand: http://blogs.c.yimg.jp/res/blog-16-59/seizoh529/folder/247578/36/736636/img_0 Chris Drake
    chris drake Nov 22, 2016
  • ...alight my [portable] again lamp, lantern This hokku is from the eighth lunar month (September) in 1813, the year Issa left Edo and went back to his hometown to live. In September Issa was recovering from a large boil on his hip at the house of one...briefly near Issa, but it jumped or flew away all too soon, so Issa gives it a warm invitation to stay (泊れ) awhile. Chris
    chris drake Nov 5, 2016