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Scirus wins award... (fwd)

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  • Eugene Leitl
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2002
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      Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 18:42:20 -0000
      From: Wendy Warr <wendy@...>
      To: CHMINF-L@...
      Subject: Scirus wins award...

      Scirus has won an award (but Google won more):


      The Search Engine Watch Awards recognize outstanding achievements in web
      searching. The winners for accomplishments during 2001 are below:

      Outstanding Search Service
      Winner: Google
      Honorable Mention: AllTheWeb

      Best Meta Search Engine
      Winner: Vivisimo

      Best News Search Engine
      Winner: Yahoo News
      Honorable Mentions:
      AllTheWeb News, AltaVista News, & RocketNews

      Best Image Search Engine
      Winner: Google Images

      Best Design
      Winner: Google

      Most Webmaster Friendly Search Engine
      Winner: Google
      Honorable Mention: Zeal

      Best Paid Placement Service
      Winner: Overture
      Honorable Mentions: Google & Espotting

      Best Paid Inclusion Service
      Winner: Inktomi

      Best Search Feature
      Google Toolbar & Cached Links
      Honorable Mention:
      Vivisimo Autocategorization

      Best Specialty Search Engine
      Winner: Scirus
      Honorable Mention: Google Groups

      Hall Of Fame
      Inducted: AltaVista & The Open Directory


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