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  • Thanks for the reply James Yes, I see the Telemetry packets and graphs there. What I am hoping to do is to get the graphs and display Temperature and Voltage and another field as available via the TNC. I am working on getting external temp to output (awaiting on parts) and then to hook that up to the tracker. What I am hoping to do, is get the graphs to be "user configurable" with...
    vk4led@... May 30, 2014
  • Ok, I figured that problem out. Got the radio to key up and run the tone out. Heard them ok and have adjusted the volume. Happy the cable is ok and the tones sound ok. Appreciate your assistance. Now to work on the telemetry side. Just have to source a temperature sensor and then, some home get this data to show on the graphs (aprs.fi) - the graphs are the tricky side (for me to...
    vk4led@... May 29, 2014
  • Many thanks for the assistance. I understand that I will need to connect an Analogue sensors for both graphing of the Voltage and Temperature - so that it shows on the graphs on APRS.fi. I will be working on this project once I have the Digi working 100% As for the deviation - I am fairly sure that it is set ok, but I am not 100% sure - have not placed the gear on a mater as yet. I...
    vk4led@... May 29, 2014
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  • ...I have looked around and tried "most" things - however I am not having any success. I thank you for your time Regards Dave PS: VK4LED-3 is the Digipeater in question
    vk4led@... May 27, 2014
  • Thanks a millions for your assistance Good point on the power supply issue for the tracker/RPI Anyone else have experience/tips/suggestions with the OT3 (or any tracker?) and the RPI? Cheers
    vk4led@... Jan 14, 2014
  • Howdy! Anyone had any luck with the OT3m and the raspberry pi? I'm considering purchasing the OT3m and using it with the pi. I currently have the pi running and working with the soundmodem but I would like the RF ability for future use (rather than just as an igate) Does it work with the USB on both the Pi and the Tracker 3? Any setup tips or tricks? Does it actually work and...
    vk4led@... Jan 12, 2014