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  • ...repairs in the near future, you should check with us first to make sure it doesn't get delayed going to the wrong place. Thanks, Scott N1VG
    Scott Miller Mar 2
  • It should be in the source code, but not compiled in by default. Scott On 3/1/2015 10:50 AM, Jason KG4WSV kg4wsv@^$1 [tracker2] wrote: > > Does the T3 mini have support for the MX-14[56], specifically code to > interface to the radio and set the frequency? > > -Jason > kg4wsv > >
    Scott Miller Mar 2
  • ...ack the message and then follow that immediately with the response packet. Can you hear if the tracker is sending two packets? Scott On 2/28/2015 8:30 AM, rhess43055@^$1 [tracker2] wrote: Group, Have a OTUSB working great but if I issue an INFO, VOLTAGE or VERSION...
    Scott Miller Feb 28
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  • No. I don't think I've even seen the protocol specification. I'd consider it, when I'm not so busy. Scott On 2/24/2015 8:04 AM, F1MHV F1MHV@^$1 [tracker2] wrote: > Hi, > > Does the OpenTracker USB is compatible with WA8DED Host-Mode? > > Cyril
    Scott Miller Feb 27
  • Not if I remember correctly. It has to do with how the nuvi assigns message IDs and how the tracker reacts to them. Scott On 2/10/2015 10:42 PM, awaschka@^$1 [tracker2] wrote: > > Thanks Scott, > > I'll try that reset. I have all my data (except my...
    Scott Miller Feb 11
  • Nope, won't be able to get back to that for a while still. Getting two new people trained this week. Scott On 2/3/2015 1:31 PM, Bill Vodall wa7nwp@^$1 [tracker2] wrote: > > > Haven't been able to get back to it yet. Faster is definitely...
    Scott Miller Feb 4
  • ...should prompt you to erase all user data. That fixes a bug I've seen where a corrupted message gets stuck in the nuvi's queue. Scott On 2/1/2015 9:46 AM, awaschka@^$1 [tracker2] wrote: > > I'm getting continuous messages with a single character, Y with an > umlaut...
    Scott Miller Feb 2
  • ...tracker2] wrote: > > > How goes the t3-96790? Any chance for hew software that goes faster? > > > On Jan 29, 2015, at 9:55 PM, "Scott Miller scott@^$2 > [tracker2]" wrote: > > > > > > > > Sounds good. Keep us updated. Whenever things settle down a bit a > tracker...
    Scott Miller Jan 30
  • Sounds good. Keep us updated. Whenever things settle down a bit a tracker based on this is on my to-do list. Scott On 1/26/2015 7:17 AM, Curt Mills curt.we7u@^$1 [tracker2] wrote: Stuff I asked one of the vendors a couple of days ago. I got a...
    Scott Miller Jan 29
  • I've had one sitting on my workbench for months and haven't had time to build a tracker with it. Scott On 1/23/2015 8:13 AM, j0hnburt0n@^$1 [tracker2] wrote: > > Has anyone any experience with this little transceiver module? DORJI > DRA818V. > > > Specifically, interfacing with the T3-Mini. > > > JB > >
    Scott Miller Jan 23