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RE: [tracker2] Re: Case screws

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  • scott@opentrac.org
    It fits.. you re just not trying hard enough. =] They do come out pretty tight. I usually wind up rounding the top corners with a file (~2mm radius) to make
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      It fits.. you're just not trying hard enough.  =]
      They do come out pretty tight.  I usually wind up rounding the top corners with a file (~2mm radius) to make it assemble easier.  It'll be fixed next time I have a batch produced.  Easiest way to assemble it is to insert the bottom half into the cover starting with the back plate at a bit of an angle, and then lever it into place and slide it in.  You can hold on to the bottom piece and press the cover against the floor to slide it on.  Once it's slid together once and scraped off a little powder coat on the edges it's much easier to take apart and put back together.

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      I noticed the screws were a bit long during the final assembly. I
      just used a screw cutter on my crimp tool to shorten them. I also
      used two pieces of adhesive rubber, scavenged from the set of four
      rubber feet, attached to the board to further isolate the board from
      the screws. just thought this might save some people time.

      The back panel of my case, the one with the DB9, doesn't seem to fit.
      Am I missing something?


      --- In tracker2@yahoogroup s.com, <scott@...> wrote:
      > In case I didn't mention this already, I've got some shorter (3/16")
      > screws available in case anyone's having trouble with the case screws
      > shorting against the board. Just let me know and I'll send you a pair.
      > I'll be shipping the shorter screws with all of the cases from now on.
      > Scott

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