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RE: RE: [tracker2] digi / alias

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  • Cap Pennell
    The APRS Protocol v1.0.1 document sprang from a drawn out discussion amongst strong personalities that likely never would have amounted to anything usable if
    Message 1 of 16 , Sep 12, 2006
      The APRS Protocol v1.0.1 document sprang from a drawn out discussion amongst strong personalities that likely never would have amounted to anything usable if not for the great patience and effort of the document's editor Ian Wade G3NRW.  Ian's tact, determination, and perseverance saved the day.  Since then, Ian has not worked on any updates to the protocol.  hi hi
      73, Cap
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      As far as I know, the APRS Working Group is pretty much defunct.  They seem to wake up every year or so to ratify some change Bob proposes, but that's about it.  Bob seems to be taking the 'official' spec off on his own with his proposed extensions.  There have been a lot of complaints that his propose (maybe ratified?) changes are only in text files on his site, which still sits at an obscure-looking domain, while TAPR has nice PDF copies of what everyone assumes to be the latest official spec.

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      I have only been involved with APRS for a little more than a year, and I am
      comforted to know that I have not missed any documentation or specs. I am
      not comforted to know that these specs do not exist. I know that APRS and
      the TAPR DCC used to be together, has that changed? Is there an official
      body for APRS? I am not volunteering to write the DOCs, but I would
      certainly help. I am afraid to ask this on the APRS SIG.


      Mark N5RFX

      >Bob came up with an excellent application when he dreamt up APRS. One
      >problem with APRS is that it has never been well documented. The APRS
      >specification document that took years to complete describes quite a bit
      >about the string formats and such, but there is still nothing describing
      >the operation of the network.
      >APRS still needs to have a document that describes proper operation of
      >digipeaters, how packets should be handled as they pass through the
      >network, and such.

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