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Re: [tracker2] Re: GTRANS "accessory not supported"

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  • Scott Miller
    Every time I ve seen this (except for some manufacturing failures) it s been RFI getting into the sense line in the USB cable. I d start by coiling up any
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 28, 2009
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      Every time I've seen this (except for some manufacturing failures) it's
      been RFI getting into the sense line in the USB cable. I'd start by
      coiling up any excess and putting a ferrite clamp on it. If you get the
      popup with the radio off, just by wiggling the board around, then there
      might be something else wrong.


      robmars wrote:
      > All good info, and I will bear this in mind if I see other symptoms.
      > In my case, though, I am receiving satellite data just fine. The
      > mapping works great, voice navigation, the whole works. No problems
      > with the 350 itself... at least none so far. The integration with my
      > Kenwood D700 is also working very well. "GPS" flashes on the display,
      > and I'm parsing the GPS data stream on the radio and sending out
      > accurate position reports just fine. I'm also seeing waypoints move
      > from the D700 to the map on the 350. All of these functions seem to be
      > working perfectly. My only complaint is the pop-up.
      > Is there any diagnostic data I can gather to help troubleshoot? A
      > serial text debug line on the PCB, maybe, that I could tap?
      > Or, different approach, are there any firmware updates I could flash
      > onto to the GTRANS that might correct this?
      > Thanks again,
      > Rob KI4MCW
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      > Scott Miller <scott@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > My sister got a good deal on one of those 350s and was able to get
      > > around the problem with an external antenna for a couple of bucks.
      > >
      > > Scott
      > >
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