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RE: [tracker2] Using a T2-135 and UI-View

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  • Richard Bauer
    keith: I wonder if it s a really old version of otwincfg.exe? You can grab the latest from www.argentdata.com/support/firmware/otwincfg.exe already done,
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 28, 2009
      keith: I wonder if it's a really old version of otwincfg.exe? You can grab
      the latest from www.argentdata.com/support/firmware/otwincfg.exe>>>

      already done, thanks.

      keith: So... how long have you had the path set to APRS,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2? No
      wonder you sometimes have trouble making into an IGate! that would be a 4
      hop path if any digis actually responded to the alias APRS. The way it is,
      you would only be gated if the IGate heard you direct. Remove the APRS and
      change the WIDE2-2 to WIDE2-1, leaving the path as a 2 hop

      was experimenting with that for only a short while last evening when i had
      the T2 on as a standalone. i didn't know that the T2 firmware handled the
      APRS part of the path (unline UIView). i had UIV connected to a server
      overnight with the T2 on as a standalone tracker (minus the APRS in the
      path). when i checked findu this morning i saw that my position report was
      7+ hours old so apparently the server i became disconnected from the server
      sometime overnight. this morning i put UIV back on RF. i've been watching
      the terminal window and not seeing my beacon digi'ed. and i'm only hearing
      one station direct, kb0bwg, 8.8 miles to my NE. i may an old-fashioned RF
      problem (antenna, cable, etc.) here in the RV. either that or i'm in a hole
      where we're parked.

      keith: Also, I see you have profile switching enabled. The current settings
      will cause the T2-135 to switch to profile 2. I have no idea what settings
      you have there. My comments are based on what I can see in profile 1. >>>


      rich, n9dko
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