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Re: [tracker2] Questions

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  • Keith VE7GDH
    Nigel VE1NPS wrote... ... Go for it... connect it and get it programmed so you can start playing with it! ... Dunno, but if the Magellan has a serial port and
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 29, 2009
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      Nigel VE1NPS wrote...

      > Haven't got to actually configuring yet. But with your help..... Have
      > been going through the "book" and still not quite clear on a some
      > points.

      Go for it... connect it and get it programmed so you can start playing
      with it!

      > 1)A comment is made re appropriate Garmins and Magellans that can be
      > used as the 350. Which Magellan's?

      Dunno, but if the Magellan has a serial port and can put out NMEA at
      4800 bps, the T2 should work with it. However, not GPS receiver will be
      accept waypoints uploaded to it. Don't you want to connect the cool
      Nuvi 350 though? Without FMI mode and the ability send and receive
      APRS messages, and reprogram the T2 from the Nuvi, it's just
      another dumbed down GPS receiver.

      > 2)I take it the modular jack is not normally used? Only the DB9s

      The radio and serial connectors on the back are DE-9s. The modular jack
      is the accessory connector.

      > 3)In programming, it states using a null connector when connected to
      > the PC. That's the reverse unit as sold by Byonics in programming the
      > TT3, etc.?

      It's the same animal. Ground plus pins 2 and 3 transposed. That's all
      you need. I happen to use a full null modem cable, but only those three
      connections are needed.

      > 4)The 12 volts for the T2...........comes only in on the DB9 "Radio"
      > connector? Cannot solder wires to points within case and then pass
      > them through grommeted hole in case? That would allow wires externally
      > to be fitted with Anderson connectors.Yes, I realize you can still
      > attach Anderson connectors to the lines from the "Radio" DB9.

      You can feed power in the power connector or on pin 7 of the radio
      connector. The grommeted hole would normally be used to turn a radio on
      and off, but there's no reason you can't run your own cable in there to
      power the T2 if you don't want to use the regular power connector or the
      radio connector.

      > As a point of interest, I read an article in a "Ham" magazine lately
      > that stated the DB9 is a misnomer. It is actually a DE9.

      That is absolutely correct! I'm as used to calling it a DB-9 as the next
      guy, but I'm trying to quit. I'm going to have to sell off a couple of
      bags of DB-9s and buy new DE-9 connectors though!

      73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
      "I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"
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