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Re: tracker2 tea cipher

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  • juha.nurmela@quicknet.inet.fi
    ... You call the shots. besserwissers spectate. ... A-men. About the N vs replays . I meant that every spent N would mark a chunk of N:s. Let s say the
    Message 1 of 12 , Apr 27, 2006
      On Thu, 27 Apr 2006 scott@... wrote:

      > I'd planned to

      You call the shots. besserwissers spectate.

      > What I really hate in APRS is trying to keep track of what delimiters
      > are safe to use where, and what's already been overloaded


      About the 'N vs replays'.

      I meant that every "spent N" would mark a chunk of N:s. Let's say the
      chunk is 256 bytes, and T2 has N at 10. Command with N 15 arrives, is
      accepted, as it is between 10 and say 110. Bit 15 / 256 == 0 is tested and
      seen already cleared by previous commands. Finally, N is set at 16 (in
      T2 resets, bitstring in flash is scanned { FE, FF, FF ... }
      and N set at 256, as a surprise for future commands.

      Would it loose strength, if the N was part of the message text, the
      normal APRS message identifier {nnnnn. That would save from
      iterating the cipher thru many times, testing each separately.

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