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RE: [tracker2] Temperature stability

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  • scott@opentrac.org
    ... Ok, it s posted. Use the web button to grab it. It s just a single-bit difference in a constant.. haven t had a chance to make it a config option yet.
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 14, 2006
      > I'm definitely interested in testing the KISS firmware. Problem is,
      > I don't even know what the board looks like yet...

      Ok, it's posted. Use the 'web' button to grab it. It's just a single-bit
      difference in a constant.. haven't had a chance to make it a config option
      yet. Oh, and it's hardcoded at 4800 baud for the moment.

      > Most devices these days will work with 0-5V or even 0-3V. I'd make
      > it an external board and keep the T2 small/light.

      I'm going to throw together an adapter board with an ST202 or something
      similar... really only needs a single non-inverting transmitter. It could
      go in a C6 case, but the C6 won't fit on the OT2m without blocking the radio
      port. A C4 might work, but would probably require some retooling. Or I
      could go with SMT and try to squeeze the whole thing in a DB9 shell. Hmm..
      know of any good metallized shells that have DB9s on both ends?

      I've been so busy with other stuff, I've hardly had a chance to touch the T2
      since Sunday. I did get the PSK31 firmware modified to allow carrier
      frequency selection, though... I'm proud of that. Thought it was going to
      be a real pain, but it worked way better than I expected. DigiPan decodes
      it all the way from 62.5 hz all the way up to almost 8 khz - and with a
      sample rate of 11 ksps, so it's decoding a Nyquist image! Didn't think the
      signal would hold up that well.

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