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Re: OT2m not functioning as digi

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  • EM Sharp
    Can the sample file flutter.wav be posted on the ftp site (my audio processing ability prefers direct file input -- I don t know how to capture the audio as
    Message 1 of 40 , May 1, 2008
      Can the sample file "flutter.wav" be posted on the ftp site (my audio
      processing ability prefers direct file input -- I don't know how to
      capture the audio as shipped from here). Alternately a time parameter
      of where it occurs in the original Milan wav file would do.

      We have no issue with stamping out excessive Txdelay's!!! What is the
      conversion factor from command parameter numbers to msec.?
      Unfortunately, if this is the case I think it is, communicating with
      the perpetrator is difficult if not impossible. Or are the long TXD's
      and very, low deviation in different packets?


      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, Scott Miller <scott@...> wrote:
      > I've listened the first of the audio captures (Milan) and there
      seems to
      > be some sort of low-frequency pulse or flutter in there. I've
      > a sample here, from a quiet section (possibly a tracker with very low
      > deviation):
      > http://n1vg.net/flutter.wav
      > Of course, it could just be a recording artifact. Anyway, I'm starting
      > my first TNC test run now.
      > Someone needs to tell the APRS users in that area that a 2-second TXD
      > really isn't necessary!
      > Scott
      > Chris Kantarjiev wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > For what it's worth - I had problems at one point with a digi setup
      > > where it appeared that the TNC was deaf ... but the problem was that a
      > > nearby power supply was putting out just enough hash to capture the FM
      > > receiver. The hash wasn't obvious on a nearby handheld - I only
      > > it because when switching between battery and the power supply, the
      > > audio output from the receiver would go way up on battery.
      > >
      > > Perhaps something similar is affecting the OT2, but isn't obvious
      in the
      > > variables that your exploring.
      > >
      > > 73 de chris K6DBG
      > >
      > >
    • Keith VE7GDH
      Greg NA2N wrote... ... We wouldn t want to accuse you or Elmer of being jerks. Your collective postings speak for you. ... If you are confident that you have
      Message 40 of 40 , May 6, 2008
        Greg NA2N wrote...

        > OK - NOT trying to be a jerk here.

        We wouldn't want to accuse you or Elmer of being jerks. Your collective
        postings speak for you.

        > We are all VERY grateful for the input and attempts to be of
        > assistance, but please trust me on this - we are HIGHLY confident that
        > we've looked at the easy stuff.

        If you are confident that you have looked at the easy stuff, perhaps
        it's time to look at the more difficult stuff. You could breadboard the
        2211 circuit and see if you can duplicate the OT2M performance you are
        seeing or improve upon it. The subject is "not functioning as a digi"
        but I take it you have a problem with decoding signals rather than a
        problem with the digi settings. However, at risk of being told that it's
        "easy stuff" what settings do you have in...

        SMARTBCON (I know... it's supposed to be a digi)
        WAYPOINTS (I know... you probably don't have a GPS connected)

        What do these have to do with decoding? Probably nothing. Heck... you
        could do a DISPlay and post all of your settings.

        > PLEASE - no more well-meaning but un-informed comments from the peanut

        Perhaps I should have just deleted this instead of clicking on send...
        sigh. What an attitude! It's insulting to the other people on this list.

        73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
        "I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"
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