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Re: Tracker2 and Nuvi 350

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  • Joe Krout
    Sorry about the poor formatting! ... NUVI ... 4 ... a ... don t ... on ... more ... get
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 30, 2008
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      Sorry about the poor formatting!

      --- In tracker2@yahoogroups.com, "Joe Krout" <jkrout@...> wrote:
      > Alan,
      > check my postings
      > "http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tracker2/message/3154"
      > "http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tracker2/message/3247"
      > and Scott's replies.
      > I don't like having to use two cables, when one should do. Also, I can hand hold the
      > for typing messages, instead of having it stuck to the windshield. My modifications
      > assume you are somewhat adventuresome, and halfway know what you are doing. (I
      > smoked a 12v trace on the underside of the board trying to take a voltage reading with
      > the multimeter set for amps! I was lucky and didn't fry anything else.)
      > I have ADDED a 7805 with a 1 amp rating since the above postings. Turned out to be
      > pretty simple, and no modifications to the existing board.
      > Next to the RJ-45 front panel connector is a grounded mounting screw for the PC Board
      > with nothing else near it. I mounted the 7805 there with a strip of heavy copper foil and
      > some heat sink grease.
      > Using a recycled 2 pin cable from an old PC case, I pulled +12v off the header and
      > returned the +5v output from the 7805 to the output pin on the header that goes to pin
      > of the DB9. The onboard +5v is left unconnected. See page 7 of the Tracker2 manual for
      > picture of the header.
      > I put a 0.1uf capacitor across the +5v output to ground. Grounding for the 7805 is
      > achieved through the mounting tab. The three leads from the 7805 are left intact and
      > connect to the circuit board except through the 2 pin cable to the header.
      > I went to this corner of the board as it was uncrowded. The mounting screw nearest the
      > board 78M05 is too close to the LED.
      > What I ended up with is completely reversible. The 7805 running on 13.6 volts still runs
      > pretty warm. I am thinking of going to a switching regulator, if I can find something
      > reasonable than this. "http://www.dimensionengineering.com/DE-SW050.htm" or if I
      > the time to build my own "http://www.narwani.net/neil/tech/elec/78SWxx/index.html"
      > Another possibility might be using resistors to make a voltage divider, or using another
      > regulator (LM7809 or LM7808) to drop the 12v input voltage.
      > My standard disclaimers still apply!
      > The information provided is for educational purposes only.
      > I am NOT a trained professional. I did try this at home.
      > No, I did not take any pictures, I already know what I look like.
      > (OK, I did take some pictures, but they're blurry. I'll try again tomorrow.)
      > Should you choose to attempt this proceed at your own risk.
      > I will not take any responsibility for your actions.
      > Good luck and have fun!
      > Joe
      > W0PWJ
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